Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A beautiful morning....

Two weeks ago Nick Potenzieri of NYC based Love Body Yoga lead a Pop Up Yoga Benefit for Camp Lightbulb. It was a beautiful sunny morning on a deck overlooking Provincetown Harbor.

Nick is a charismatic and patient teacher whose motto is #beyourstrongestself.

We had a great turnout and there was a happy buzz as founding director Puck Markham got to introduce Camp and take part in the class.

This is such a great way to get the word out and fundraise for Camp. We are talking to Nick about doing something again in future, and maybe Nick will join our Camp Lightbulb team next year!

Thank you Nick and thank you to all who participated and supported us.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two huge Camp Lightbulb events this week

Hello campers,

This Wednesday 08/20 is Camp Lightbulb Day in Provincetown! At 10AM there is Love Body Yoga's Pop Up Yoga Benefit. For details click here.

And in the afternoon from 2 to 5 American Express and Out Magazine are hosting a Summer Camp Social, also benefiting Camp Lightbulb. American Express will donate $20 for each RSVP, which you can do by clicking here. So be sure to RSVP, even if you are not completely sure you can make it. ;-)

Enlightenment and a party. Its the Provincetown way!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Put me in a can and I would be an energy drink

Hello Campers,

The above headline has got to be the best quote from the whole week of Camp. From the feedback we are getting from campers and parents it feels like a lot of campers felt that way at Camp!

If only we could can the Camp Lightbulb experience and send it to LGBT youth everywhere.

We placed an ad in the local newspaper, the Provincetown Banner, to thank the community for al their support in making our 3rd year such a success. But this gratitude extends to all who have helped get Camp Lightbulb where it is today - supporters, donors, grant makers, friends, parents, support workers, staff and volunteers!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Camp Lightbulb meant to me...

Hello campers,

We couldn't wait to share the following essay written by one of this year's campers. This is why Camp Lightbulb exists and is needed.... Thank you to the person who shared their story with us....

            Being at Camp Lightbulb I experienced new things I never thought I would and met new people I never thought I would be friends with. People from all around: California, New York, Illinois, and of course Mass. Seeing how far these kids came just to find a sense of community for one week where they could just be themselves where they weren't the outcast for their gender or sexuality seemed amazing. I'm glad there is now a place for them and myself and hopefully others laughing, singing songs, and sharing personal stories although I may be serious most of time.


            Being at Camp Lightbulb has helped me connect to people my own age. Camp Lightbulb being a camp for teens made it obvious to me that there would be some disagreements; however, everyone pulled through and managed to have fun. When practicing for the talent show I realized how incredible they all were. I also realized my insignificance to them. Interestingly I never felt jealously, envy or resentment. Only amazement. However, everyone bring polite and kind assured me I was just as important as them. When seeing their various talents I wondered: "how could anyone reject these kids? They are absolutely no different from other straight or cis gender teens." I thought about the worlds ignorance and realized how brutal it was. I believe everyone at Camp Lightbulb had fun, even if it was just a little. Even the kids that seemed quiet at first ended up opening up.


            When talking to some of the people now who went to the camp with, the first thing they say about Camp Lightbulb is "I miss the community." I think back to the camp and understand how hard it must've been to forget about the harsh world around them and then be thrown back into it. Everything was nice. The people, the town, the staff, the stranger on the street everyone seemed to smile and have a bright glow that made you do the same while of course being covered in the friendly gay rainbow. I can undoubtedly say Camp Lightbulb was one of  the best experience I've had in my entire life.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Memories to last a lifetime

Hello Campers,

Has it really been more than a week ago already that Camp Lightbulb finished?
Check out LJ's slide show here!