Camp started with a lightbulb idea in 2011 and that is when Camp Lightbulb was founded. This idea lead to one of the very first summer camps for LGBTQ youth anywhere in the country.

Camp Lightbulb was the pioneer in LGBTQ summer camps and therefore, has over the years,  honed in what really brings the campers both personal fulfillment and a feeling of belonging. Our campers come from across the US and Europe and identify along the full LGBTQ spectrum. Due to the wide range of campers’ identities and backgrounds, we have created a curriculum that helps facilitate conversations of leaning while in a safe space for campers to grow personally and discover themselves. Camp Lightbulb is committed to providing the camp experience to all and roughly 40% of our campers receive full or partial camperships. 

Camp Lightbulb complies with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In California and New York, Camp Lightbulb complies with the relevant city and state regulations.

To make camp happen it requires that we work with partners including the Ali Forney Center, a center for LGBT homeless youth in New York City; Waltham House / The Home for Little Wanderers, a residential program for LGBT youth in Waltham, MA; and Boston's GLASS, a program for LGBT youth. These organizations all help to spread the word about Camp Lightbulb and connect campers in search of a place to grow.


Puck Markham

Founding Director - Camp Lightbulb is a Labor of Love for Puck. He is Dutch-American and attended the University of Amsterdam and UCLA. Puck worked in Finance, with PaineWebber and Barclays Bank, in Los Angeles and London, where he founded Community Money, a social enterprise, which provided financial education to low-income families.

"Growing up can be tough. Growing up LGBTQ is that much tougher. I wanted to create a special place that is a stepping stone in life for the younger members of my community, as they figure out who they truly are, surrounded by peers, and role models and a supportive and embracing community."


Rob Williams

Development - helps ensuring the organization has revenue to sustain and grow its operations. When in college and interviewing to be a counselor at a popular Texas summer camp, Rob had to take an oath swearing he was not gay. Being forced to lie and hide his sexuality in order to participate was traumatic yet has served as the passion behind his commitment to Camp Lightbulb. Rob previously worked in fashion manufacturing and sales and graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M University.


Josh Young

Operations - helps ensure that Camp Lightbulb runs smoothly. Josh grew up in a small town in Ohio feeling alone and different. Now those experiences gives him the passion to help grow the organization to reach as many kids as possible. He has worked in a wide array of fields equipping him with the ability to have fun with the kids at camp and also make sure all the paperwork is in order.


Linda Rohler

Board Member - Camp supporter from the very start, retired teacher of thirty years, Provincetown resident with wife Jane, proud mom of 2 daughters and grandmother to 5 grandchildren.