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Camp Lightbulb offers our own take on traditional summer camps. Our camps camps take place in the heart of vibrant LGBTQ communities, whether it is bohemian Provincetown or cosmopolitan LA and NYC.

Our camps are small and intimate, and with limited space, allowing for a hands on and individualized experience for every camper, with a high counselor-to-camper ratio, staffed by counselors that reflect our community, who are fully trained and subject to references and extensive background checks.

We connect our campers with the best in the LGBTQ community and inspire our campers to build community at camp and throughout the year. There are 6 main elements to our programming: art, community, fun, the outdoors, service and well-being.

We stay in hostels managed by Hosteling International. In Provincetown, we book the entire hostel for our use; in Los Angeles and New York City we book a number of rooms for our exclusive use, but are part of a larger hostel experience. Room assignments are randomized by age.

Registration is now open for Winter and Provincetown Summer Camps. Click on the links below for more details and to register. Registration on our other camps opens soon.

Click here: Winter Camp LA (14-18), Dec 27 - 31, 2018

2019 Camp Season

Family Camp (Memorial Day Weekend)

Click here: Provincetown (14-16), Jun 30-Jul 6, 2019. Rates go up in January.

Click here: Provincetown (Juniors & Seniors), Jul 7-13, 2019, Rates go up in January.

Queer Summer School NYC (August)

Queer Summer School LA (August)

Family Camp (Labor Day Weekend)

Winter Camp NYC (December)